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Leadership consulting and coaching

Leading Well is a systemic leadership coaching firm that combines best practice in leadership with the latest advances in executive wellness. We believe it is no longer enough to develop leadership capability without strengthening the foundations to sustain peak performance.

Leading Well differs from its competitors because it takes a whole system approach.  We use an in-depth approach to determine exactly how the leader, their team and whole organization is functioning: where things are flowing well and where any blockages might lie.

Wellness drives performance

Leading Well offers a pioneering approach to organisational and personal change.

Leading Well was founded on the philosophy that leadership and wellness belong together. For organisations to thrive they must grow the health and well-being of their people.

We work with organisations seeking a revolutionary way of responding to the fast-moving and constantly evolving challenges facing today’s business leaders. Looking at the systemic wellbeing of the organisation as a whole, as well as its leaders and the people within it, we go beyond traditional development and wellness programs by tapping into the deeper wells that run beneath individuals and organisations. This creates real change and strengthens your organisation by ensuring that the foundations of its leadership are robust and can withstand the test of change.

We give leaders the tools to achieve sustainable, fulfilling and energising outcomes for themselves, their teams and their organisations.

  • A pioneering approach to organisational and personal change
  • Build a thriving workforce with a shared vision and purpose
  • Sustainable, fulfilling and energising outcomes
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