by Tim Dyke

This week we will be publishing a series of articles for Men’s Health Week 2021, focused on the well-being of male leaders – Board Directors, CEOs, Executive Managers and General Managers.

A mid-week check-in on your well-being: Leading well to lead well – continuing our Men’s Health Week focus

We often get caught up in the hurly-burly of life – with a focus on our career, our family and often let slip a focus on ourselves and our being well. Your well-being is a state of you having the resources to manage the challenges you face.

At Leading Well we apply the dimensions outlined in the Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey for leaders to check-in and check-up on how they are going with their own-well-being. In order to lead well you have to lead well (hence our organisation’s name).

So as a male leader in your organisation, how ‘well’ are you going in the following areas that research has shown are very important to our well-being, our sense of thriving, flourishing and being fully alive?

  • relationships with colleagues, family, friends and community
  • sensing we are leading a good and full life which holds meaning and purposes for us
  • inner centredness and grounding
  • physical health, nutrition, exercise and sleep
  • balancing the demands placed on us and setting enabling boundaries
  • interest and focus in what we do.

Being honest with yourself, how ‘well’ did you score? There is no right answer here and keeping them in balance is important. Each of these is an important inner resource to manage the challenges we face. If you want to know more, you might like to take the survey to get a more comprehensive pictures of your well-being. Leading Well coaches are certified to provide support needed to consider your results of the survey.

Contact me  to grab hold of your own well-being as a leader, leading well.

Tim Dyke, Leading Well