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Leading Well is a boutique leadership consulting and coaching firm which recognises that it is no longer enough to improve surface-level leadership skills without ensuring that the foundations on which they are introduced are as strong and healthy as possible.

We offer the highest standards in leadership development, cultural and strategic facilitation and wellness mentoring programme design.  However, we believe that to be at the leading edge means building on a strong groundwork of personal awareness, wellbeing and capability.

Leaders who focus on the wellness of their team build creative environments where innovation thrives.  Leading Well differs from its competitors because it takes a whole system approach.  We begin with an in-depth fact finding exercise to determine exactly how the leader, his or her team and whole organization is functioning: where things are flowing well and where any blockages might lie.

Wellness Drives Performance

Leading Well was founded on the philosophy that leadership and wellness belong together. For organisations to thrive they must grow the health and well-being of their people.

Our approach to wellness goes beyond offering token gym memberships.  We investigate what makes people tick, how they relate to their colleagues, whether there are any unknown or unacknowledged blocks impeding creativity, innovation and the creation of strong productive teams.
By focusing on wellness and leadership together, Leading Well can help you build a thriving workforce with a shared vision and purpose.

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