by Tim Dyke

How often do we find that we go for simple solutions, maybe expecting that something that’s worked in the past will work again, only to realise an issue is more complex that it first seemed.

The following cartoon (with acknowledgement to  Virpi Oinonen at captures something we all do. In a complex world (that we may not realise is complex) we seek a simple linear solution – if we do A then that will lead to B. The woman at the door of the room is saying ‘Tota’ which in Finnish means ‘Ummm’ – as she looks out into the messy complexity of the system in which they are in, and starts to question whether A will actually lead to B, as proposed by her colleagues.

Sometimes addressing the issue with a simple solution only leads to the issue recurring, time and time again.

What are some of the issues that keep recurring for you in which past solutions just no longer work?

At Leading Well we work with you to embrace the complexity of the system you are in, and to support you in arriving at better solutions. Learning how to take a systemic view to deal with complexity will help you. Book in for our Systemic Leadership Training Program or send me an email so we can discuss further. Claim your spot now, they are limited!

Tim Dyke, Leading Well