by Nicole Allen

Recently at the end of a coaching session with a senior executive, I checked-in to see how he was finding the coaching program. We were approximately 5 months into the program. The initial scope was to provide a Leadership Circle 360 assessment and debrief process across 3 sessions and the client had then opted to continue his coaching program.

His feedback was that he was finding the coaching really valuable and that the time I spend with him each month meant that he had “guaranteed reflection time”.  In fact he said that without that dedicated reflection time he would struggle to prioritise time to do so given the many demands and interruptions of his role within the organisation. What he said next stayed with me – “Sometimes you tell me things I don’t want to hear, but they are the things I really need to hear”.

We hear often how coaching is valuable for leaders in a plethora of different ways, but most commonly it is the finding and understanding of our blind spots through a coaching style that is both supportive and challenging that is the most valuable in a leader’s development as they seek to continue to learn and understand themselves.

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Nicole Allen, Leading Well