Leading Well

What’s gravity got to do with leadership?

Have you ever come across this question before….. if every animal on planet Earth was endowed with a human brain, which animal would be the slowest to find water? Humans I hear you say? Close, but not correct – we’d be second last! The answer is fish –...

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How Conflict can help transform your culture

By Vanessa Fudge, Leading Well Founder   Few leaders in the workplace relish the appearance of conflict in their teams. They often report feeling like they are thrust into the position of a parent trying not to favour a particular sibling, because we know...

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How out there do you want us to be?

By Dean Mason, Leadership Consultant and Coach   I met with a prospective client recently who asked how I worked and whether or not he would have to meditate if we work together. He is keen to develop as a leader and honest about his resistance to going...

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