Tim Dyke
Tim has honed his leadership experience as an accomplished science leader with senior experience in leading professionals in science-based and government agencies. Leveraging this background, Tim loves working with the complexity, diversity and polarities of the organisations and systems we live in.

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About Tim Dyke

His areas of focus include:

° Senior teams – Enabling the collective power of your senior executive team and Board
° Innovation through diversity – Inviting the power of the diversity of human expression and contribution arising through lived experience
° Leading men – Encouraging men in executive positions to lead well with a purposeful, authentic future
° Future-focus – Imagining the best future for your organisation, both in terms of contribution and well-being
° System dynamics – Embracing the power and shadows of the dynamics of your human systems

He blends his passion, intellect and measured approach to help people aim high and be their greater self, and works with systems outside-in and your well-being inside-out, finding strengths and uncovering blockages.

For both individuals and teams Tim is passionate about expanding mind-sets and improving culture through deliberate consciousness, reflection, integrating work-life and life outside of work, and developing and delivering on big picture thinking for success. He enjoys working with people at all organisational levels and across diverse community groups. He bases his practice on evidence drawing on system dynamics, well-being, adult development, appreciative inquiry, positive psychology, and adult learning theory.

Tim’s current and recent clients include Vocus Telecommunications, ASG Group, National Health and Medical Research Council, AirServices Australia, YMCA, Office of the Gene Technology Regulator, Advocacy for Inclusion, Victorian Department of Education, PRAXIS Australia.

Recent projects include: Leadership coaching – one-on-one and team; Coaching post-360 feedback assessments; Leadership development programs for ‘accidental’ leaders; Appreciative inquiry to drive organisational values and strategic planning; Development and review of research programs; Development of a Learning and Development program for government scientists.

Tim is passionate about corporate governance, strategic planning, change management, risk and inclusive work cultures, is a Board member of a not-for-profit health organisation, and mentors young businesspeople and post-graduate students.

Tim’s qualifications include:

• European Individual Accreditation, the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC)
• Certification in The Leadership Circle Profile, and Culture Survey
• Certification in Appreciative Inquiry Facilitation
• Certification in Global Leadership Wellness Survey
• Certification in GlowUp Career Coaching
• Training in Developmental Coaching and Systems Constellations
• Foundation Member, EMCC Asia-Pacific Region
• Graduate Australian Institute of Company Directors
• MBA (public sector and human resources)
• Masters and PhD degrees in veterinary science and specialist qualifications


“Tim is an incredibly effective coach. Before meeting Tim, I genuinely struggled with impatience”.

“Regarding Tim, there is a real, tangible benefit in being able to talk freely to someone, who treats you with acceptance and positive regard, about the concerns and difficulties you are experiencing in your workplace”.

“With Tim, I have had opportunity to unpack and explore challenges with a supportive level of questioning and exploring alternative interpretations/ways to approach issues and exceptional modelling on how to coach my own staff members. I have received extremely useful questions regarding my thoughts about exploring new opportunities and how to turn challenges into learning opportunities”.

“Following a coaching session with Tim, I always walk away feeling like I have 10 new questions to explore, ideas to investigate, new approaches to try and new ways of getting more information”.

“Tim has helped me with
* Recognition that I am capable enough to succeed in the role
* Confidence to talk to the Board and other Executives as peers rather than as stakeholders
* Ability to reflect on actions required and implement the necessary change”.