Event - Group Peer Supervision – Evolving Leadership Program

Awaken to a new era of leadership

Adopt a systemic lens.
To solve the problems that leaders have created in our world requires an immediate uplift in consciousness. Wake up to a new era of leadership where leaders are being called to appreciate what is needed now and how different this is from what was needed yesterday.
It has never been more evident than it is today that we are living at a leadership crossroads. The old ways of leading myopically are dying and humankind is demanding not simply an evolution but a revolution of leadership.
It no longer serves to reduce the complex down to the simple. Instead, we need to zoom out and appreciate that everything is connected to everything else and in changing one thing, you change everything. Leaders are facing a level of complexity they haven’t faced before. The only way through is to evolve the lens through which you lead.

Program structure


  • Group Supervision 1: Wed 15th November, 10:00am to 12:00pm, online
  • Group Supervision 2: Thurs 30th November, 10:00am to 12:00pm, online

This program is ideally suited to Leaders who wish to better connect, engage and coach their people and advance their leadership skills as well as leadership practitioners who are seeking to take their practice into a new dimension of systemic practice.
The Evolving Leadership Program offers the opportunity to explore the next wave of leadership intelligence as our world asks us to draw upon more sophisticated interventions to deal with complex human issues. The emerging field of systemic leadership puts the wellbeing of the organisational system at the centre. In this workshop we will explore how to read any human system and understanding its unique language. You will learn to decipher the dynamics around you as you lead your team or organisational system into a renewed state of coherence.
Prepare to be surprised at how simple and instinctive this new language of leadership actually is!


Vanessa Fudge and the Leading Well team are offering something unique. Simplification of the complexity for leaders trying to lead well.

Audrey McGibbon
CEO & Founder

Meet the facilitator

Vanessa founded coaching and consulting firm Leading Well on the belief that leadership and wellbeing belong together. Through her extensive experience in leadership, coaching and mentoring, Vanessa has found that companies that thrive ensure they raise the overall wellbeing of their people.

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