Event - Shifting stuck dynamics – what family business CEO’s need to know

Families are filled with relationship dynamics. Some of which will be inclusive and supportive, and some of which are not. Organisations are similarly filled with relationship dynamics, some that support the growth of the organisation and enable it to thrive, and some that work as an opposing force. A family business will have the intersection of both these domains and requires special consideration and leadership when it comes to resolving difficult dynamics.

In this taster event, we will look at the intersection between the family and business dynamics and how you can identify the process of moving from observing symptoms, difficulties and disconnections to restoring flow.


Program structure

• Build awareness of how typical family dynamics will show up in a family business
• How to address some of the barriers to growth that come in combining family and non-family members in an organisation, in a fair and equitable structure for growth
• How to avoid some of the pitfalls that family businesses typically experience when it comes to recruiting, engaging and retaining long-term high performing staff from within and beyond family

Who it is for

Delivered by our CEO and Founder Vanessa Fudge, this event is ideally suited to CEOs of family businesses, (appointed from within or beyond the family) and/or board members.


Vanessa Fudge and the Leading Well team are offering something unique. Simplification of the complexity for leaders trying to lead well.

Audrey McGibbon
CEO & Founder

Meet the facilitator

CEO & Founder

Vanessa founded coaching and consulting firm Leading Well on the belief that leadership and wellbeing belong together. Through her extensive experience in leadership, Vanessa has found that companies that thrive and deliver long-term sustainable performance ensure they also attend to the wellbeing of their people.


Shifting stuck dynamics

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