Explore the next wave of leadership intelligence

The team from Leading Well is excited to present a 3 day Systemic Leadership Coaching Program
28,29 & 30 September 2020

Presented By:

David Fudge

David Fudge

David is a systemic leadership coach and facilitator who leverages more than 20 years of commercial experience, an Honors degree in psychology and a passionate interest in people to provide practical support for leaders and teams who are keen to grow and develop personally and professionally.
Jude Reggett

Jude Reggett

Jude consults in the area of workforce development while also practicing as a clinical psychotherapist and coach. Working as a clinical consultant Jude invites leaders to develop higher order skills and understandings in the areas of commitment, conflict, motivation, social and emotional intelligence improving organisational agility.
Vanessa Fudge

Vanessa Fudge

Vanessa founded coaching and consulting firm Leading Well on the belief that leadership and wellness belong together. Vanessa is a highly respected leader within the coaching community having published and presented on the topic of leadership coaching for more than 15 years.

About The Course

Often the best examples of brilliant leadership are derived from not having a clear answer to a complex question.

Explore the next wave of leadership intelligence as our world asks us to draw upon more sophisticated interventions to deal with complex human issues. The emerging field of systemic leadership puts the wellbeing of the organisational system at the centre. In this workshop we will explore how to read any human system and understanding its unique language.

Prepare to be surprised at how simple and instinctive this new language of leadership actually is.

This course is designed for leaders and coaches in organisations to enhance their approach and deepen their awareness of coaching within complex human and organisational systems. We will explore leadership coaching methods to uplift performance drawing on the latest research globally on motivating people to be their best.

Attendees can choose to book for Day 1 – Leadership Coaching Fundamentals, Day 2 & 3 – Systemic Leadership Coaching or the full 3 day program.

Day 1 is practical and is ideal for leaders who wish to develop their coaching skills or experienced coaches wishing to refresh and enhance their skills. Day 1 focuses on the ARIA coaching methodology and associated micro skills to enable you to have more effective coaching conversations and better support leaders and teams to see into their blind spots and make empowered choices for change.

Days 2 and 3 cover the more advanced skills of Systemic Leadership coaching, developing a systemic lens and applying systemic principles to further enhance your coaching armoury. Incorporating the most recent advances in this rapidly developing body of work will equip you to better understand common limiting patterns of behaviour in professional life, as well as the keys to supporting healthy dynamics within teams and organizations.

Who is this course ideally suited to:

  • Leadership coaches or consultants wishing to advance their coaching skills
  • Leaders who wish to better connect, engage and coach their people and advance their leadership skills

Core Topics


Leading and coaching not just the whole person but the whole system


Creating containment for courageous conversations with respectful boundaries


Honing your presence as a coach to detect the hidden dialogue in the person and the team


Identifying your subconscious drivers and how they influence your communication style


Holding challenging conversations to address limiting beliefs, remove judgements and habitual patterns of behavior


Applying systemic principles for healthy team dynamics to coaching and leading in organisations


Resolving conflict and team dynamics at the level of source and not the level of the symptoms

This was a rich and deep dive into the unseen systemic forces and principles that enable hidden dynamics in organisations to be revealed.

Learning to access a systemic lens and to use a range of interventions to quickly get to the heart of issues that can be impacting on the flow of energy, productivity and individual and team effectiveness was enlightening and extremely useful.

This cutting-edge approach offers new ways of responding to emergent challenges in our complex, turbulent organisational and social systems, where the old certainties are gone and new ways of being and doing are required in order for individual leaders and their teams to successfully navigate the rapids of change.

Vanessa is an exceptional facilitator, and skilled practitioner who is a leader in this specialist field in Australia. Her depth of knowledge, expertise and broad experience working in diverse organisations enable her to sense and hone in on what is going on beneath the surface like a finely tuned instrument.
Watching her work is nothing short of miraculous.

Vanessa is able to distill complex concepts into easily transferable learning and practical strategies that equip program participants to be of greater service to their clients and organisations, whilst also supporting their own professional development and evolvement in the process.

Suzanne Walshe
Inner Compass Leadership, Career and Life Strategy

The session facilitated by Vanessa was outstanding. The content of the session, the way it was facilitated, the space attendees were given, and the interaction between participants all contributed to a very positive learning environment. We were able to through some fairly dense content quickly, but also on a personal level. The training gave me tools and immediate takeaways to integrate into my day to day work HR change practitioner. It has helped me look at every conversation I have as an opportunity to coach, and provided a construct for me to use outside of formal coaching sessions to be able to move to action quickly.

Andrew Hubrechsen – Yung
A/Executive Director, Human Resources NSW Treasury 

The coaching training provided me with more than I anticipated. I loved the content and facilitation right from the start, and now having been back in the real world for a few months I’m really enjoying the never ending use for what I have learned. The lessons from the session can be tied in to almost any conversation I have with someone, making them more meaningful and impactful.

The session also gave me a renewed re-conneciton and love of coaching. Everything I learnt can be used to help business colleagues but also family and friends, and maybe there’s even greater pleasure in being able to effectively help those you love most.

Devon Baskerville

I undertook training with Leading Well because I was inspired to be a coach and take the systemic approach into all my work with clients. The training reinforced my belief in this approach and furthered my desire to do more of this work. Vanessa’s expertise and experience in coaching and systemic leadership was insightful, inspiring and kept me engaged the whole time. I walked away with a coaching model and exercises that I have integrated with everyday dealings with clients.

Scott Mitchell
Three Wise Monkeys

I found the Leading Well training to be excellent. I took away some key insights, and particularly loved the phrase, “the leaders role is to provide the system with what it needs, regardless of who the person is”. Vanessa is a master of her craft and a fantastic role model and mentor. Every time I’m in the room with her I learn something more about great facilitation.

Jill Arkell
Founder – The Ripple Effect

Workshop Agenda



Exploring different roles as an agent of change


Coaching framework unpacked


Tapping into leading principles for your organisation and yourself


Coaching from the head, the heart and the gut – process and insights


Creating containment in coaching dialogue


Layers of goals


Demonstration and practice


Comparing dialogue to experience in generating insight


Creating your personal vision on a page



Systemic principles for healthy teams


Navigating the organisation as a complete human system


How silos are created and how to overcome them


Discerning personal from systemic issues


 Creating order out of chaos in human systems


The obvious versus the hidden organisational system


Family patterns in professional success – noticing entanglements


Shifting focus from reactive tendencies to creative qualities



What is empowerment?


Harnessing resources and recognising obstacles


Managing Wellbeing – 3 core dimensions


 Personal Purpose and setting your intention


 Team purpose as an enabler for growth


 Identifying career strengths and focus areas for opportunity


Testing your connection and your proposition to your market


 Creating attraction for new opportunities to flow

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Course Duration

28/29/30 September, 2020
3 Day Course
9:00am – 5:00pm each day


Jenkins Hall Lady Game Dr Chatswood

Early Bird Pricing

Day One: $1,000 ex GST Day Two & Three: $2,000 ex GST Full Three Day Program: $2,600 ex GST

Regular Pricing

Day One: $1,250 ex GST Day Two & Three: $2,500 ex GST Full Three Day Program: $3,000 ex GST