Genevieve Lacey, an Australian and internationally acclaimed composer and musician, recently said: “When you have a really beautiful instrument in your care, it does, it teaches you how to play, and it makes you search for colours and ways of expressing yourself that, that you simply wouldn’t without being in the company of that instrument.” (ABC Radio, interview with Ali Moore, 6/7/21). That captures something of the essence of great leadership; for those who are ‘following’ to be finding their own colours and ways of performing, expressing themselves with unexpected creativity. The leader’s ‘self-as-instrument’ sparks the best of themselves and others to shine.

In the upcoming Leading Well Port – Senior Leaders Charting the Near Future, a small group of senior leaders will take 50 minutes every fortnight over three months to reflect on these deeper aspects of their leadership performance. Approaching near future opportunities from this authentic place of ‘self-as-instrument’ – who you are is how you lead – promises to bring restoration and inspiration to any senior leader seeking to make a fresh type of difference. To register or find more information, click here.