by Vanessa Fudge

As we see so much unprecedented change on our planet we are faced with imagining new futures for ourselves, our families, our communities and society as a whole.

That one virus can travel invisibly and wreak so much havoc and fear points to just how susceptible we are as a species to something that is even now speculated to be caused by our own kind.

In parallel to navigating COVID and its uncertainties we also face repeated reminders about our impact on the state of our once beautiful and unspoilt planet.  Indigenous peoples once knew just how to care for our earth and we have underplayed their sophistication and placed ourselves above them as superior.  Yet how could a superior species have allowed pristine waters to be fouled, forests to be reduced to wood chips, rain to acid and air to smog while driving species after species into extinction while barely stopping to lament the loss.

There is no time like the present to take responsibility. How can we learn from our failures and what is the sanest way out of this without jumping to decisions based on fear and segregation of wealthy and poor, anti and pro. It seems no matter what the devastation some profit while some suffer and the sand to plant our heads in has long since been washed to sea.   

Yet we know from devastation comes mind-blowing opportunity for renewal and news ways to harness energy and support life.  This species we are can be stopped in our tracks by the simplest beauty and capable of utterly selfless acts of kindness.  More than ever before a new type of leadership is being called for across the planet. 

When a leader steps up to take responsibility, to repair and renew the ecosystem that new shoots can emerge and we can remember that nature does not belong to us, we belong to Nature.  When we realise this we are all leaders and we have no choice but to respond from our humanity to this tipping point in our evolution. 

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Vanessa Fudge, Leading Well