Leading Well
Coaching Services

Our philosophy is that to lead well you must lead well.

We help evolve leadership mindset to better manage complexity. We help leaders align themselves and their teams to a sustainable peak performance model that engages and delivers business outcomes.

What Type of Coaching Do We Offer?

We provide both individual and team coaching for leaders and senior executives:

  • Executive coaching
  • Wellbeing coaching
  • Team coaching and facilitation

With increasing complexity and escalating pace of change leaders need optimal vitality to perform at their peak. We help evolve leadership mindset to better manage complexity. We help leaders align themselves and their teams to a sustainable peak performance model that engages and delivers business outcomes.

Our team of systemically trained leadership coaches have been coaching top-tier Executives and Senior Leaders for more than 15 years. We work with you individually and as a collective in support of your team.

Our Coaching Credentials

The most passionate team of coaches at Leading Well have been practicing the art and science of coaching top-tier Executives and Senior Leaders for more than 15 years.

We are a preferred supplier of coaching services for many corporate, state and federal government and non-profit organisations.

We ascribe to the highest international coaching standards and ethics via the (EMCC) European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

All our coaches are systemically trained. This means they appreciate not just the individual but the entire organisational context.

We continually develop and supervise our coaching team. Our coaches allocate a minimum of twelve days per year for their ongoing professional development. Setting the bar this high is only possible due to the passion of the team for what they do!

What is different about our coaching approach?

There are three unique aspects to Leading Well’s coaching services:


A whole system view – our coaches are all trained in systemic leadership coaching which means they consider not just the person but the entire human and organisational system in which they operate.


A focus on mindset and not just skillset – because sometimes the best way to lift performance is not to focus on performance itself but what’s driving it.


Attention on vitality and not just work – because our research shows that sustainable peak performance requires a foundation of peak wellbeing!

Who Do We Coach?

Our coaching programs are typically aimed at:


Individual members of a leadership team that are wanting to develop as a team


New appointed CEO’s and Leaders undergoing their first 100 days on the job


Leaders who are encountering significant planned and unplanned changes either personally or within their organisations


Leader Succession scenarios


Regional Leaders expanding the organisation to a new territory in unchartered waters


Key performers who are being developed by the organisation for the long term


Executives responsible for the strategic direction and its implementation success


Key performers carrying significant opportunities and risk in their roles


Executives redesigning the organisation for greater relevance and market share take-up


Leaders with strong technical skills but less developed interpersonal skills

Level of Investment

Because Executive Coaching is generally delivered one-to-one it is beyond doubt a significant investment to consider. To ensure we remain accessible to perform our most needed work we have three tiers of coaches:

  • Partner level coaches for Board level, CEO’s and their Executive teams
  • Director level coaches for next tier leaders and
  • Senior coaches for management and high potentials level

How Long Does it Take?

Our assignments typically vary from 6 months up to 18 months depending on the requirement.

We take steps to ensure that the focus of the coaching is not just on an individual but takes into account the entire organisation.

How Do We Know It is Working?

Each coaching assignment starts with a detailed understanding of not just the person but the context and the necessary return on investment (ROI) to determine success.

To maximise the ROI we recommend a minimum 6 months duration and the inclusion of two triad meetings with the coaching sponsor.

The triad meetings work well towards the start and the latter half of the coaching process.

Team Coaching and Facilitation Services

We see the greatest uplift and ROI on coaching when individual executive coaching is combined with leadership team coaching.

This creates the opportunity to leverage new insights and awareness from individual coaching back into leadership team alignment, collaboration and achievement.


Assessment services

Leading Well is an accredited partner with both The Leadership Circle (TLC) Leadership 360 survey and the Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey (GLWS).

Although not essential, these diagnostics can provide useful awareness and insights that can help focus and fast track the coaching outcomes as well as providing useful metrics to determine progress and the ROI.

How Does It Help The Organisation?


Improve leaders and business performance


Develop a sustainable peak performance culture


Develop a creative mindset that is more able to effectively deal with complexity


Help leaders think for the whole organisation and not just their part in it


Demonstrates a continuous learning culture


More engaged leaders provide a greater sense of meaning and purpose


Return on investment is proven to impact top and bottom line performance


Supports an agile, decisive organisation

How Does it help the Leader?


A clear vision and purpose energizes performance sustainably


Blind spots are continuously explored to strengthen leadership


External perspective for effective decisions and a sense of non-biased support


Removing clutter and creating clarity


Honest feedback

How to Prepare to be Coached by a Leading Well Coach

People don’t operate in isolation but within a given context in relation to those around us. While exploring the person and the role are a great place to start in Executive coaching, it is only the beginning.

Each role operates in connection with other roles within a larger team, the larger team exists within a function of the organisation and the function exists in relation to other functions to serve the organisation as a whole. The organisation must then exchange positively with customers and its market in order to thrive.

In Executive Coaching it is important to focus on the person in relation to their life and their role at work. Systemic coaches will always zoom out further than this.

Expect our coaches to get very interested in how your role sits within your team and the connection with other roles and team members. Then expect to zoom out and consider how the team sits in connection with the function it serves and how that function relates to other functions in the organisation.

Expect questions about what belonging rules exist, what came before you in your team that could influence your impact and what insights about giving and taking between people, roles and functions could accelerate greater achievement in your role.

What we know

When leaders pay for performance with vitality their achievements may not be sustainable and teams cannot feel safe to thrive.

Our coaches get very interested in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing of the leaders and whether their performance is at a cost or a gain to themselves and ultimately to the organisation.

Interested to know more?

Get in touch – give us a call or drop us a line to see whether what we do is right for you and your company.