Executive Wellbeing – are you a survivor or a creator?

Request a quote for a wellbeing package today. This includes the GLWS Wellbeing survey and 3 coaching sessions with a Leading Well GLWS accredited coach.

The complexity, pace and challenges of life facing our leaders in their professional and personal lives is only increasing.

No matter where we are in our career cycle or stage of life we’re expected to do more with less and our capacity to adapt and contain the enormity of what we’re faced with is continually being stretched.

And as a leader we’re also expected to be a role model for all aspects of life – not just in meeting our commercial objectives and outcomes but also in how we engage and motivate our teams and how we look after our own vitality. And yet often it’s the leader who puts off the self-reflection, being too busy to look after themselves. Adding to this we also have to deal with long standing cultural messages that consider leaders looking after themselves as a sign of weakness or selfishness.

At Leading Well we know that to be the best role model you can be for yourself and those around you means acknowledging the state of your own wellbeing and vitality – and demonstrating your performance improvements and more importantly your sustainability when you place your wellbeing on the agenda.

For a quick pulse check, see how many of these you answer “yes” to:

Do you find yourself overly reliant on stimulants (yes that includes coffee) to get through your workload or relaxants (yes alcohol) to unwind at the end of the day?

Do thoughts about work and what must get done regularly interrupt your sleep?

Do you frequently have difficulty concentrating and staying present throughout the day?

Do you find yourself depleted at the start of a weekend, needing to recover from the work week?

Do you struggle to eat for nutrition rather than purely for comfort?

Do you find on a Sunday night that you regularly experience anxiety about the week ahead?

Anxiety and depression are becoming more and more common amongst senior executives. Yet in our Australian culture this remains a silent endemic due to stigma attached with any mental health challenge. Substances such as alcohol, caffeine, micro-dosing on amphetamines and psychedelic drugs to boost alertness and creativity are common strategies to silently self-manage.

Leading Well are an accredited partner with GLWS, the Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey. This effective wellbeing self-assessment enables you to gain valuable insights into the work and personal factors that impact your vitality.