….here’s what the Chinese philosopher Lao Tze had to say about 2,500 years ago:

‘The wicked leader is he whom the people despise. The good leader is he whom the people revere. The great leader is he of whom the people say, “We did it ourselves.”’

Collective leadership – the idea that together a team is stronger, more effective, more capable, more connected and more sustainable when it carries a shared accountability and view of the whole rather than a singular view of its individual functions is an insight gaining in momentum in response to the ever-growing demands placed on leaders today.

One of the five elements of collective leadership  is that leaders develop a Systemic Lens – the capability to view the landscape of their organisation, teams, customers and stakeholders with an understanding of the dynamics at work.

Join us for Systemic Leadership training to learn the latest practical tools and frameworks to focus your systemic lens and lead more effectively.

Explore the next wave of Leadership Intelligence

Discover how to crack the performance code of your organisation.

Often the best examples of brilliant leadership are derived from not having a clear answer to a complex question.

Explore the next wave of leadership intelligence as our world asks us to draw upon more sophisticated interventions to deal with complex human issues. The emerging field of systemic leadership puts the wellbeing of the organisational system at the centre. In this workshop we will explore how to read any human system and understanding its unique language.

Prepare to be surprised at how simple and instinctive this new language of leadership actually is.

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