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Leading Well sees the business as the Corporations Act intended – as a person. I have worked with Vanessa and her teams in my roles as the CEO of three separate businesses in the last ten years – all of them enjoyed significantly improved, competitive performance due directly to Leading Well’s contribution and work with the business and the team. The combination of a deeply caring approach, strong and diverse commercial experience and insights, the absolutely unique set of tools, and the process of empowering the business (and the team) to change itself, is unquestionably highly effective. The change in wellness will stick with the business as well as with the team and the individuals and deliver for a lifetime.

Rodger L Powell Chairman
Director, CEO
AIH Group

The Leading Well team have created a unique, experiential, and accelerated learning experience that is transforming for our people. Using the frameworks and tools learned they are overcoming their challenges, taking personal responsibility, being the change they seek, fulfilling their potential and inspiring others.

Vanessa Parkin
Organisational Manager
NSW Treasury

Leading Well has been a true partner. They are generous with our team and happy to invest in us to build a strong, caring relationship. We worked really well together to develop the purpose and scope …and verbalise the potential value it will bring to the organisation. …They brought not just technical expertise but expert collaboration and facilitation skill to challenge us intellectually to scope out something that looked quite different to what we thought it would be. In this sense it was enlightening.

Brigitte Fairbank
Former Executive Director Human Resources
NSW Treasury

Leading Well have been our constant guide on our growth journeys over the last 12 years. They navigated us through the turbulent currents of post-merger integration. They facilitated our plans for new, perhaps exotic, destinations. They mentored our travellers to get on the bus, stay on the bus and, in rare cases, get off the bus…. all done with care and unique insight. If it was a trip rating system, they would get 5 stars with accolade commentary.

Martin Nix
Position Partners

For more than ten years, BlueFin has collaborated closely with Vanessa and the Leading Well team. Their methodologies have consistently provided remarkable insights and played a crucial role in our journey of growth. Our commitment to numerous leadership development programs has been instrumental in nurturing our employees and upholding a culture of high performance.

James Hone
Founder and CEO

About leading well

The Leading Well team of coaches and mentors work with individuals, teams and organisations to strengthen leadership and raise vitality.
We decipher complexity and ambiguity by taking a whole system view. We go beyond behaviour into mindset to increase flow and resolve blockages.

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