By Dean Mason, Leadership Consultant and Coach


I met with a prospective client recently who asked how I worked and whether or not he would have to meditate if we work together. He is keen to develop as a leader and honest about his resistance to going ‘too deep’. For some reason, that we did not explore, he associates ‘meditating’ with ‘going deep’.

It made me wonder about the array of expectations any of us might bring to any type of professional coaching or mentoring relationship. What will have informed these expectations, to a large degree, is how the concept of ‘seeking help’ was modelled to us as children. How much we have been influenced by modern practices will also play a role.

It is a delight to hear young executives speak confidently about their experience of seeking out counselling or psychological help in times of particular need, when 20 years ago that was much more a taboo topic. With this relaxing of attitudes that were once more rigid comes the opportunity to be considering and seeking ‘help’, not for what might be wrong or not working so well, but for listening to, identifying, and connecting with what our own growth is calling us to.

How is life’s inner intelligence inviting us to become more of who we are, to be more consistently the best of who we are. Thomas Huebl uses the lovely term ‘to be a live update of ourselves’. There are so many approaches, so many traditions that we now have access to, it is a rich frontier to be discovering what approach works best for any one of us.

At Leading Well we have wonderful coaches committed to their own ‘updating’ using a diverse range of physical, mental and spiritual practices, informed by many splendid traditions. We don’t normally talk about it, unless we are asked, and anyone working with us is welcome to ask, to use us as sounding boards for what ‘out there’ practices or techniques might be working for us, in the present. Because that’s where we are meeting, in the present, and it always has more to offer than what our fears of ‘out there’ would let us appreciate. When one of us is ‘updating’ it encourages the other to also enter, sometimes this is felt as a threat, sometimes as a safe invitation.

Whichever way it is experienced, Leading Well, as a brand and as a set of values, is wholly committed to professionally and compassionately supporting all leaders to develop, perform and lead well.

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