Recently we had a new puppy join the family.  Her elder half- brother joined us 12 months ago, he had no idea what was going to happen, and how it would impact his life.  And it has! As it turns out these two are inseparable. Totally smitten with each other. What a blessing, because both of these ‘little people’ have demonstrated something magical to us……the behaviour of “being in acceptance”. In their system they have harnessed the energy to jointly co-create a new beginning that has energy, play, love, respect, and most of all the propensity to be curious and the desire to work it out.

As we move through life it is important to instinctively acknowledge the “interstice” – the space, the gap, the opening between having a good ending and setting up a new beginning. It is when we stop over-thinking everything, that we have the potential to reap our conscious and unconscious wisdom and simply let it happen! At Leading Well we often call this ‘quality of presence. That space where we are just there, in-flow, going with the energy our system has to offer. Simply put we are in acceptance. When leaders, pause, break the chain of control and just be, that is the best and most productive time of their lives!

In the upcoming Leading Well Port – Senior Leaders Charting the Near Future, a small group of senior leaders will take 50 minutes every fortnight over three months to reflect on these deeper aspects of their leadership performance. Approaching near future opportunities from this authentic place of ‘self-as-instrument’ – who you are is how you lead – promises to bring restoration and inspiration to any senior leader seeking to make a fresh type of difference. To register or find more information, click here.