The Leading Well Series

Our vision at Leading Well is to build a community of leaders consciously committed to raising wellbeing. This has never been more challenging and more critical to success

This is no time to be working in isolation. We believe it is a time where leadership conversations are a necessity to navigate complex trauma occurring for business ecosystems and for society at large.

Leading Well’s response to COVID-19 is to increase connection and support while moving more of our services online. Our intention is to make distancing ‘physical’ rather than ‘social’. For several years we have worked with clients remotely for team and individual coaching and mentoring. We know that leadership conversations can be just as powerful online as face-to-face and we are keen to help you realise the same as you take your leadership online.

For this purpose we are offering a monthly Leading Well online series for live groups of 12 participants each. This is not a webinar but a 90-minute facilitated leadership conversation. Themes will be explored in line with navigating the current crisis utilizing proven strategies for strengthening leadership during volatility. You will receive coaching and mentoring support in a safe environment with 11 peers.

The first three sessions will be on the topics of:

  • Navigating crisis as a leader – a holistic approach to organizational trauma
  • Moving leadership online – strategies to raise connection for remote working
  • Executive wellbeing during prolonged stress

These three topics will be hosted by two of our Leading Well team of leadership coaches and mentors for each group of twelve participants. This way you will get expert listening and expert guidance on your greatest challenges.

These three online sessions will be free of charge while we have the capacity to do so. Our intention is to keep doing what we do and support our clients through this time. At the point the pandemic has clearly peaked and moved into decline we will move to a paid service offering should the demand be there. Pricing will be set in consultation with you the participants.

As you take your leadership on-line, we are moving with you and staying connected when it is needed most. We look forward to seeing you online for the first session of the Leading Well series on 15th April.

Please use the form below to register for this online session.