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Build creative environments where people thrive

Leaders who focus on the wellness of their team build creative environments where innovation thrives and productivity is sustained. By wellness we are not just referring to a gym membership or an annual marathon.  Wellness spans our physical, intellectual, and emotional selves and implies that we are strengthening our resource base rather than operating on unsound or borrowed reserves.  In corporate speak this refers to sustainable productivity. In simple terms it is the promise that people who come to work in your team become more rather than less well within themselves as a result of being there.  Every assignment from the Leading Well Group has wellness at its core.


Why choose us

      • A pioneering approach to organisational and personal change
      • A revolutionary way of responding to the fast-moving and constantly evolving challenges facing today’s business leaders
      • The systemic wellbeing of the organisation as a whole, as well as its leaders and the people within it
      • We go beyond traditional development and wellness programmes by tapping into the deeper wells than run beneath individuals and organisations to make real change
      • We strengthen an organisation by ensuring that the foundations on its leadership are robust and can withstand the test of change
      • We give leaders tools to achieve sustainable, fulfilling and energising outcomes for themselves, their teams and their organisations

What clients say

…the insights and coaching Vanessa has provided has enabled me to become a more effective leader and ultimately a better person.

Michael Kerr, Director, Junior Activities Group
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