Looking Forward to 2021 Plan

Nail Your 2021 Plan

With many of us coming up to a break and the chance to draw breath before launching into a new year, how clear are you for you and your team on the path forward into 2021?

Have you kicked off your business planning for 2021, or is it already clear and aligned throughout your organisation?

Engage the Leading Well team to work alongside you to get your plan right for next year. Our business planning expertise, process and tools, our highly experienced facilitators and our holistic perspective that includes all inputs will provide you with a 2021 Business Plan that you can action to achieve your vision for the year ahead.

Our systems-focus approach takes into account your current reality as well as the emergent future and you get to fully participate in discussions and can leave the facilitation and recording of ideas and plans to us.

Register below to start 2021 with a clear, aligned and practical Business Plan for you and your team through our virtual or COVID-safe face to face workshops in January or February.

‘Looking Forward to 2021 Plan’ consists of 2 two-hour workshops:

Workshop 1:

  • Where we are today – identifying ‘what is’, both in your organisation and the wider world you work in OR one on one discovery interviews with key people and stakeholders regarding where we have come from, where we are now, what we must keep (including values) and our dreams for the future
  • Our emergent future – identifying what you know to be true and what is certain for 2021

Workshop 2:

  • Enabling our future – what is possible and what is best
  • Locking in 2021 plan – what we will aim to achieve in 2021.


  • Condensed workshop – a single two-hour workshop if you are already progressed in your planning activity
  • Leading Well offers the use of MURAL, a digital workspace for virtual collaboration. MURAL allows real-time, visible note-taking of ideas arising out of a workshop by participants that can be built on through subsequent workshops. Your mural can be ‘saved’ as a visual permanent record of your 2021 plan.

Get in touch to book your ‘Looking Forward to 2021’ Plan: