by Dean Mason

Back in 1989, when the reward for taking an early morning flight was the lavish breakfast served with fine silver, I was travelling with one of our state managers, Michael. I asked him about his approach to time management and how he managed to stay on top of it all.

After he had rested his two sachets of butter on the alfoil over his hot meal (softening them for an easier spread) he replied, ‘to be honest, sometimes I just love the chaos’.

Michael’s comment has always stayed with me as an unspoken truth for most of us. No matter how much we refine our approach to managing limited time and resources, it is often when things seem almost out of control that we experience the real joy of ‘intellectual engagement and flow’.

In the GLWS literature this dimension of wellbeing is described as ‘achieving balance between the level of stretch in a role and your skills and experience’. (page 12 of their sample report.) Sometimes we expend far too much energy trying to exercise our skills and experience when a ‘level of stretch’ is inviting us to be out of that familiar zone for a while.

Our 90 minute retreat on this topic is an opportunity for leaders to come and reflect on the space they are called to fill, in a particular context, and what balance of stretch and experience will best serve and ease the flow for all around them.

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