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Mentoring Services

Are you leveraging the skills and capabilities of your existing leaders to fast track the development of your emerging leaders?

Or, are you looking for external highly experienced mentors to assist in the development of your leaders? Talk to us about establishing your organisational mentoring program or accessing our executive mentoring services.

Enterprise Mentoring Programs

With over 15 years’ experience establishing some of the largest and most successful mentoring programs in the country, we can help you create your own internal supported mentoring program.
Executive Mentors
Sometimes you need someone who’s not a coach. You need someone who has walked the path you’re on and who knows how to share the most important insights without ruining your own development journey.

Our Team Will Help:

Train your mentors to conduct a consistent quality mentoring dialogue with their mentees
Train your mentees to maximise the opportunity provided by their mentors
Help you structure your mentor/mentee matching process
Facilitate regular mentor and mentee meetings to share learnings and enliven the program
Provide workbooks, frameworks and tools to assist mentors and mentees
Facilitate access to online administration tools for the program
Conduct Vision and ROI workshops to confirm outcomes and success metrics

Our Mentoring Credentials

We have been facilitating mentoring programs for more than 15 years with some of the most successful programs in the country. Our mentoring programs run in corporate, government, social services and NFP organisations. We have mentoring programs now in their 7th year. We have also established a number of industry-wide mentoring programs.

However some of our clients want to bring in external mentors rather than sourcing their mentors internally. We are a preferred supplier of mentoring services for many corporate, state and federal government and non-profit organisations. We ascribe to the highest international coaching standards and ethics via the (EMCC) European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

All our mentors are successful in their own right and trained by us to know how to provide the best value to their mentees. They are passionate about supporting mentees and about their craft as mentors.

How Does Mentoring help the Organisation?
Engagement and retention of both mentors and mentees
Fast track the development of up and coming leaders
Demonstrates a continuous learning culture
Creates a forum to instill critical cultural messages
How Does Mentoring help the Mentee?
Fast tracking professional and personal development
Networking opportunity with their mentee cohort
How Does Mentoring help the Mentor?
Provides the opportunity for them to give back to the organisation
Development opportunity for coaching and mentoring skills
Development and networking opportunity with their mentor cohort
Interested to know more?
Get in touch – give us a call or drop us a line to see whether what we do is right for you and your company.