With many people adapting to life back in the office, hybrid working environments and flexible working conditions, the issue of belonging comes up in a new light. We have long known that food, water, shelter and rest are vital for survival, but it has only been through more recent neuroscientific research that belonging is understood to be just as vital. Oh yes and apparently so is wi-fi! In our highly individualistic, westernised society, it is easy to forget how instinctively tribal we really are.

Leaders are asking ‘how do I really reconnect with a team member whom I have yet to meet in person?’. We can go straight to behaviours and dos and don’ts, yet we also know that effective leadership comes from having the right mindset.

Remote connections

There does not seem to be a formula that works for every organisation, yet there are principles that are well tested that can help us return to what still matters and build positive relationships.

We also know that successful leadership today is not a solo act. Having good connections across the whole organisation is instrumental to how your team dovetails into the company. Do you know which relationships are most essential to succeeding in your role and have you taken steps to nurture the connections that matter most?

The questions to success

As we learn to live with disruption, 2021 brings a unique opportunity to engage people in meaningful ways. Here are some key questions to consider for your success:

>> How would you rate your own sense of belonging at work? And how would you rate that of the team that you lead (theirs cannot in reality exceed your own BTW, or at least not reliably);

>> How can you create a new meeting rhythm where people are empowered to share what matters and the level of connection is enough to gain a sense of being a team?

>> Are your people crystal clear and trusted to deliver on the necessary priorities within the scope of their own role?

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