by Dan Londero

Had a sad ending?

There is something about a movie with a sad ending that really irks me. Not sure if you feel the same way? I guess my feeling is rooted in the fact that I paid to see a movie that was meant to be entertaining and to my way of thinking entertainment, if true to definition, must be enjoyable. Sad endings are not enjoyable….for me at least!

This reflection is also relevant to the many thousands of people who have lost their jobs over the past almost 2 years now across industry sectors that have been decimated by COVID-19.

People entered industries like restaurants, hotels, tourism, tours, events to serve and entertain others, to inspire others and to pursue a fulfilling career filled with promise however for many, that came to an abrupt and not always pleasant end with Covid19. A sad ending and not a good ending.

At Leading Well we work with numerous leaders who have experienced an exit from their employment which has caused them some degree of trauma. It seems that this is more common than one might have thought so if you have experienced this you are not alone. The feelings associated with a poorly managed exit act to hold individuals back as they struggle to let go of what is now the past but a past firmly rooted in the present.

The good news is that with some help bad endings can be turned to good so that life can go on.

At Leading Well we are working with leaders on two fronts:

1) We are helping those affected by a bad ending to move on and pursue a fulfilling and bright future

2) We are working with leadership to help entrench more systemic thinking around how they manage the exit of employees. We help develop good strategies and raise awareness of the detrimental cultural impacts of poorly managed staff exits.

If you would like to learn more about this or are in need of some help please get in touch directly or with our team to have a chat.

Dan Londero, Leading Well