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We know you have already laid much of the groundwork.  Our job is to honour your existing leadership narrative while enriching your leaders’ development.  Our approach is founded on three principles:

  • A whole system view – we consider not just the person in isolation but the entire human and organisational system into which they connect.
  • A focus on mindset, not just skillset – the best way to lift performance is not to focus on performance itself but what’s driving it.
  • Attention to vitality – research shows that sustainable high performance requires a foundation of high wellbeing.

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What does it mean for you?

  • Ensure your leaders think for the whole organisation and not just their part in it
  • Leverage over two decades of thought leadership, academic rigor and exceptional results
  • Capitalise on a 20 year track record of leading edge program development and delivery
  • Access our highly experienced team with tailored offerings for your emerging leaders through to your executive leaders

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How we partner

“We honour your existing leadership narrative and cultural frameworks and build upon all that has come before us in your organisation.

Choose from our off-the-shelf leadership programs, workshops or coaching solutions for instant deployment or co-design a bespoke, tailored program to match your specific requirements.”

Vanessa Fudge

Founder & CEO, Leading Well

Track Record

Leverage over two decades of thought leadership, academic rigor and exceptional results:

First Masters of Business Coaching

We created the first Masters of Business Coaching degree course in Australia (with the Sydney Business School and University of Wollongong).

First Australian coaching methodology

We developed the first EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council) accredited coaching methodology in Australia.

First Women in Defence Leadership Mentoring program

We have facilitated the first and award-winning Women in Defence leadership program with the Department of Defence since its inception ten years ago.

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“The Leading Well team have created a unique, experiential and accelerated learning experience that is transforming for our people.”

Vanessa Parkin

Former OD Manager, NSW Treasury

“Today’s successful organisations are ensuring that their leadership development can outpace the changes shaping their industry.”

Vanessa Fudge

Founder & CEO, Leading Well

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Messages from our Clients


Our people have described the program as inspirational, empowering, motivating, developing, confidence building and authentic. The collaboration between Leading Well and Laureate continues to evolve and reach new heights…..the professional coaches.. have built meaningful relationships with our people.

Vanessa Parkin
Organisational Manager
NSW Treasury

I selected Leading Well to lead up our Laureate University Leadership program in Australia, which encompassed a four-tier approach to management and leadership development across the organisation.
Laureate was undergoing significant change through this process in terms of our leadership; growth plans and acquisitions. The Leadership program was able to help us to develop our people and support them to increase their connection with each other and the business, thereby lifting performance both personal and discretionary effort.

Kay Goodman
Former HR Director
Asia Pacific Laureate Education

Working with Leading Well has been a collaborative, innovative and enlightening experience.  We worked really well together to develop the purpose and scope for our project and verbalise the potential value it will bring to the organisation. Our conversations went beyond just culture and really questioned the direction that we are trying to take to help us to prioritise.   Leading Well has been a true partner.  They are generous with our team and happy to invest in us to build a strong, caring relationship.

Brigitte Fairbank
Former Executive Director Human Resources
NSW Treasury

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