‘Leadership is deeply personal and inherently collective’ (Peter Senge)

2022 began with cataloguing my emotions and inner thoughts. It has felt like a deep rumble on the inside but has also enticed a me to re-orbit back into a new reality of life.

After two years of enforced pandemic ways of ‘low volume existence and survival,’ I am beginning to emerge. Deep down it feels like a conflation of rich reflections and a strong yearning to experience a breakthrough!

As I begin to be curious and playful with the provocation of ‘leading well with that ‘which cannot be named,’ it feels like the moment when I am drawn to create a new painting. As I am about to start there is usually a nervous energy and rush to do/see/experience something, anything. And then that daring moment arrives, the desire to be available and have the courage to begin the first brushstroke. not knowing where it might lead me.

The skill is to overcome the interruption of over thinking the process, and just let it flow.

For me this is the invitation to embody the state of being available. In this state I can metaphorically create a painting, not with brushstrokes but by loosely gathering up a plethora of thoughts, emotions, feelings, and memories. Being available brings in energy and ignites ideas. It allows possibilities to effortlessly emerge and grow, and in a generative way creates new openings and pathways. As the seasons change life in nature, the quality of presence is the essence of being available becomes. It is the magic moment creating the space for new frontiers to surface.

What is this all about?

I have a growing desire to be in the moment, to be available, to feel connected, to have a calm sense of confidence so I can best serve to follow my heart and to go with my gut as I travel through life’s journey.

I have been discovering how connectivity can manifest elevated levels of energy, resonance, flow and feed my sense of curiosity and intrigue. This this is a key to discovering more about leading well with that ‘which cannot be named.’

I am challenging myself to be more curious about life. It helps me to be actively available and resonate with information and notice things that I might miss. I call it ‘the law of attraction.’ For example, I noticed a comment by Peter Senge, a well-known author on leadership and business strategy. He was talking about systems and systemic leadership. Peter described a real leader as someone who can manage the paradox of “being deeply personal and inherently collective, at the same time.” This resonated for me. As I joined the dots, I asked myself, “Is this helping me to lead well with that which cannot be named?”

For this short study I am proposing that ‘being available’ could be a key to ‘leading well with that which cannot be named.’ It conveys a capability to openly give and receive and offers the gift to connect to the intention of Senge’s description of a real leader – ‘to manage the paradox of being deeply personal and inherently collective at the same time.’

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Helen Woods, Leading Well