by Dean Mason

I don’t know how I forgot. Perhaps it was the occasional horde of jellyfish, or the passing contamination of drain water after storms, for whatever reason I got out of the habit of swimming in the Bay only a 5 minute walk from home. After a paddle in the shallows with some littlies recently something got into my skin, and I wanted more. The next day, and most days since, I have jumped in for a swim and come out feeling totally refreshed, in ways I had forgotten possible.

And then I remembered a surfer mate once raving about the power of negative ions, small molecules with a negative electrical charge. These are highly concentrated near the ocean, forests and other natural environments, apparently boosting our mind-body health and counter-balancing the effects of all the toxins (and positive ions) our modern living generates.

Claire Dunn is a walking oracle when it comes to finding ways to embed the gifts of nature into our daily lives. Join us on the 22nd of Feb at 4.30pm for a complimentary online workshop with Claire, Leading Well with Nature, and discover enjoyable ways to consistently charge your self-leadership with plenty of negative ions. Click here to find about more about it and to register.


Dean Mason, Leading Well