We know there are a multitude of coinciding forces at play at the moment that are having a real impact on retention.  And we also know the significant effort involved to find, recruit and onboard new people let alone the ongoing investment required to get those newbies fully up to speed.

In some ways it’s a great problem to have – low unemployment, lots of available jobs, lack of access to overseas talent.  It’s a buyer’s market and we know that particularly our best performers are being constantly invited to greener pastures.

And hopefully we haven’t lost sight of the fact that regardless of all these factors the number one reason that people leave their current employment to go elsewhere is their Manager!

According to HBR’s Why People Really Quit Their Jobs people Quit their Boss – not their job.  This stat has been detailed in many reports and studies and the numbers are surprisingly high – from 57% in this Seek Research – Top 5 Reason People Leave Their Jobs to 70% in this Gallup’s study of managers as examples.

Let those stats land – for somewhere between half and three quarters of all people who leave their job the primary reason is their Manager!

While that’s quite amazing it’s also really informative.  So without stating the bleeding obvious have you tried targeting your retention interventions on developing leadership coaching capability at the people manager layer?

Developing your people managers to be better able to connect, listen and coach their teams is a win-win strategy.  You develop your organisation’s leadership capability while increasing the engagement and retention of your people.

If you are interested in developing your Leadership Coaching capability, here’s a link to our Leadership Coaching Foundations one-day program or get in touch to find out more about our EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council) accredited coaching methodology.

David Fudge