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I have engaged and worked with Vanessa on multiple occasions across various industries and within different leadership team dynamics and profiles.  On each occasion Vanessa has been able to work openly with the team to get to the heart of the matter, in some cases these were blockers in others enablers, being able to leverage these resulted in a stronger leadership team and better outcomes for the company.

Personally, the insights and coaching Vanessa has provided has enabled me to become a more effective leader and ultimately a better person.

Michael Kerr, Director, Junior Activities Group

I have had the pleasure of working with Vanessa over a number of years now. From day one what struck me about Vanessa is her intelligence, passion and work ethic. Vanessa is an extraordinary management professional who integrates a deep understanding of business strategy and people to partner professionally, courageously and purposefully with leaders to achieve business success. She is a supportive, authentic and collaborative person with a delightful and warm manner.

Vanessa has a wealth of experience across a multitude of industries and applies practical advice in the engagement she leads and is incredibly savvy to organisational strategy.  From a client perspective, you are guaranteed outcome oriented solutions from someone with exceptional technical knowledge of organisational dynamics. At the same time, honesty and integrity are at the forefront of Vanessa’s principles assuring you of a trusted partner relationship. Her personable manner makes her a delight to deal with in all aspects. Our first session with Vanessa was one of the best leadership sessions we have ever conducted with our senior leadership team.

I have also been the recipient of Vanessa’s vast professional skills as an individual and as such can attest that she is also an inspirational coach and mentor.

Merrilee Barnes, Director – Culture & Leadership , Sports Governance & Business Capability Branch, Australian Sports Commission

I’ve had the pleasure of attending a number of group leadership and coaching workshops facilitated by Vanessa and I feel qualified to say that Vanessa is truly a master of her craft.  I remember my very first workshop that I attended, observing how Vanessa applied her coaching skills during a live demonstration and the impact this had on all of us. So much so that a few years later I had the opportunity to bring Vanessa on as my own mentor in the coaching space and I could not be happier with the support and advice I have received. Vanessa embodies a discipline of continuous self-improvement and has at her grasp, a range of experiences and modalities to pull from. I always come away from a meeting with Vanessa learning something new about the craft. This breadth of experience coupled with her ever charming and empathetic nature makes for a truly talented coach, facilitator and mentor.

I first worked with Vanessa over 7 years ago when I was lucky enough to be a participant in one of her facilitated sessions. Since then I have worked with Vanessa on a number of projects. I have been both a participant and client. Vanessa has an outstanding ability to lead those she coaches in a way that allows them to come to their own conclusions but with an insight they would not find on their own. By asking the right combination of questions, allowing the space for thought and then following through with further questions Vanessa can get to the heart of an issue unlike anyone else I’ve worked with. Her skills have both an immediate and long lasting genuine impact. I would thoroughly recommend working with Vanessa if you are in need of a coach or facilitator who has both the intellectual capacity and emotional intuition to draw out insights from all levels of people.

Nina Mapson-Bone, Managing Director Beaumont Consulting, NED RCSA

Vanessa facilitated the most productive strategic planning session I have been involved in. She was able to keep the board thinking at a high level and concentrate on setting policy for the coming year and not getting bogged down in low level detail. She ensured involvement from all members of the board and made us all think about the direction of the business for the coming year. Vanessa is a true professional and generated open and honest discussion.

Rob Austin, CEO Trainworks (prev) Regional Service Delivery Manager NSW Trains

Vanessa led our organisation through a process of redefining our true organisational ‘purpose’; one which drew all business arms together and united all employees towards the same end. From there a refresh of our organisation values, so that they more strongly supported this purpose and reflected the values of those within our organisation. This was my first time involved in such a project and Vanessa’s warm and honest guidance was wonderful. Her training in how to facilitate our Values focus groups was informative but straightforward. Vanessa is highly professional, knowledgeable, and warm in her approach. She elicited such frank and energetic discussion, in safe environments, which resulted in a very energising and refreshing process. She challenged our leaders where we needed to be challenged, at all levels; and the results of this project have been quite startling from within the company. From the ground up, the difference was felt when our new values were unveiled. It was evident that they were a direct result of extensive consultation with all staff, and received a very positive response.

I am excited about what the future holds with such an engaged and united workforce and would like to thank Vanessa for her influence upon our organisational culture and myself personally

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