Myth, the next BIG thing, or a metaphor in nature?by Helen Woods

In any given moment, the world is at least half-full of conspiracies no matter the time or the presenting issues. As we roll out of the first waves of COVID, it has been a fertile time for GREAT minds to feed us with ‘more food (or simply good old B/S) for thought’! 

One of the current lines of future forecasting is all about how we might get ourselves out of the current dilemma of feeling trapped in the past and wanting to move on to greener pastures. The options available depend on our situation. Whatever a preferred course of action The GREAT Resignation tales has the potential to challenge our thinking by presenting potential for possibility, desire, dissolution, scarcity, confusion, or wanting a miracle to happen. There is something for everyone to consider! 

The systems in which we live and co-habit, at every level of scale, have dramatically shifted since February 2020 when COVID began to get a foothold and threw us into chaos. And the messy-ness of chaos, the not knowing where it is taking us, the feeling of being out of control, the raw energy that goes with perturbation, and then the ‘pop’ of its manifestation. This is a foreign space to be in for the average punter! Science tells us that once chaos has ‘done its work’ everything re-orders again. Is this the space in which the GREAT Resignation is happening?  

We hear about bright young entrepreneurs who have made fortunes during these choppy times. We also note tales of woe. If we really have a fervent desire to create a new future and use our powers of ‘imagination’, anyone can masterfully manifest their potential and quickly emerge from this pandemic slumber. The opportunities are endless when we adopt the right mindset.   

It is all about being prepared to change. We have the choice to boldly walk into the future, or stay chained to our regulated, safe, secure, and stable existences. Having the courage and confidence to make the first move is the key…. because change is not just about transitioning from one role, place, organisation, to another. It is the willingness to transform (at a cellular level) and embrace new ways of being.   

Could the GREAT Resignation be a driver for change? Has COVID been the big wakeup call when people have realised ‘enough is enough?’. Or have folks just seen others do it and thought I had best do this too, even though they are not clear why?  

In the world of work is the GREAT Resignation an invitation for a mass exodus of workers? Or is it the big opportunity to re-negotiate a new role, a new package, and a new life in the same organisation?  

So, what is the GREAT Resignation really?  Is it a metaphor for fire and floods, feast or famine, over cropping or natural regeneration? Often the answer to a question like this can be found in nature.  

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Helen Woods, Leading Well