by Nicole Allen

As an Executive Coach across many industries, I often get asked what trends I’m noticing in my work. In the past I would see or hear themes within industries but consistency of themes across industries was rare.

Today is vastly different and the story is very much the same wherever I go. And for interests sake, the industries I work across include education, health, manufacturing, technology, construction, property, and the NFP sector.

So what are the commonalities I am noticing?

· Staff / talent shortages

· Staff working harder and longer, creating a very real threat to overall organisational wellbeing

· Mental health concerns for staff and leaders

· External demands and pressure on organisations to remain competitive, keep market share or remain profitable, or for some who are fortunate to be thriving in the current environment – a sense of “when will this boom ever come to an end”?

More so than I’ve ever heard previously, talent retention is an increasing concern. The thought of replacing staff in the current labour market can be a time consuming and expensive (and sometimes impossible) process, notwithstanding current state and international border restrictions creating an additional layer of complexity, and hints from overseas of a potential looming “Great Resignation”.

Leading well at all levels, from the Executive layer down to our frontline staff who are often the first point of contact, has to be a priority more today than it has ever been before. We need to support leading our staff well to prioritise and manage their wellbeing, lead our leaders to lead themselves first and their teams to ensure their staff feel valued and supported.

What do we mean to lead well? How do leaders lead well when faced with more demands and greater uncertainty than ever before? Contact me directly or our team to discuss how we can support your leaders and your organisation.

Nicole Allen, Leading Well