by Dan Londero

Would you wish to be a passenger in a vehicle if you knew the driver was unconscious?

I guess not.

Now consider this: Would you join an organisation that was led by someone who is not conscious?

Odd question right?

The harsh reality is that many leaders are not entirely conscious. They are not conscious of why it is that they behave and react the way they do. They are unconscious about their lack of consciousness. This lack of self awareness is an anchor which slows and sometimes sinks leadership.

Now consider this: If a leader is not conscious of why they behave as they do then how effective can they possibly be at leading others? Would they be brilliant or mediocre or perhaps entirely ineffective?

Well, the answer is ‘all of the above’. However, we know that the percentage of leaders who operate in a state of sufficient consciousness to self-author their behaviour is very low indeed. It’s estimated to be less than one in five (Robert Kegan, The Evolving Self).  We also know that those leaders who tap into their consciousness and work to reduce reactive tendencies are also those who lead the most successful organisations.

As a coach and mentor my role is to help leaders become conscious, to help them uncover their triggers and minimise reactive tendencies. If you would like to learn more about this let’s start a conversation.

At Leading Well our purpose is to raise wellbeing and performance through enlightened leadership. To achieve this, we offer practical and proven ways to develop the creative competencies and capabilities of leaders, teams and organisations.  Get in touch!

Dan Londero, Leading Well