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Thought Pieces

What makes a good mentoring program

Authors: Sonya Trau, Executive Coach, Leading Well What is a mentoring program? If you ask two people what mentoring is, you’re guaranteed two different answers.  Mentoring can happen in the moment between two people at any time, but a mentoring program...

Belonging Supplants DEI?

DEI Agendas Diversity, Equality and Inclusion have become important principles or values for many organisations.  Driving this, is the research that highlights the positive economic reasons for DEI, the sustainability of business driven by diverse workforces, and...

Respect and Belonging

If we review two very broad categories for team dynamics, we’d be looking at healthy team dynamics, or obstructed or unhealthy team dynamics.

Myth of the Mongrel in Leadership

As a leadership coach and advisor I have come across the myth of the mongrel as a common belief that can shape our notion of what it means to succeed as a leader. In my early 30’s, I was privileged to be placed in a leadership role leading mainly males who were all...

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