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Hamersley Gorge

Relax, you have an immune system

Over a year ago I was walking through Sydney CBD behind three people with Surf Life Saving t-shirts on and I was taken by a slogan on the back of […]

3 Tips – how to reset your leadership narrative

Given the leadership experience of the last few years, how do you reset your leadership narrative? Here are three tips.

Understanding the invisible architecture of your senior executive team

As a CEO, the people in your senior executive team have two functions – leading their own people and delivering on expected results for the functions they are responsible for leading […]

Personal and Collective Leadership

‘Leadership is deeply personal and inherently collective’ (Peter Senge) 2022 began with cataloguing my emotions and inner thoughts. It has felt like a deep rumble on the inside but has […]

Leading Well with That which cannot be named

  “ To grow into your spirituality is to grow into your humanity, in all its connected, tender, messy, luminous embodiment” (Jeff Brown) Leading Well is holding a series of public […]

Anam Cara’s silent 7th chapter (John O’Donohue)

Anam Cara (Gaelic for ‘soul friend’), is a classic work by Irish poet, philosopher and scholar, John O’Donohue. It has only six chapters and each is a graceful expression of […]

Solving for Retention AND Leadership Capability

There's a very important connection between employee engagement and retention and leadership capability. Find out more....

A successful CEO launch – 3 Pitfalls to avoid

So you have got a new top job! How do you ensure that you start off well? Vanessa Fudge lists three pitfalls and how to avoid them.

The Great Resignation

So, what is the GREAT Resignation really?  Helen Woods has found that quite often the answer to a question like this can be found in nature. 

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