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Hamersley Gorge

So wonderfully positive, those negative ions!

Dean Mason shares with us the importance of connection with nature for a healthier life.

Finding a unique and natural place to love what you love

Inspired by Mary Oliver's 'Wild geese' poem, we reflect on love, nature and leadership.

The calm before the storm

A recent experience this week reminded me how nature is such a useful guide and a metaphor for behaving and learning. 

The need to lead well

As an Executive Coach across many industries, I often get asked what trends I’m noticing in my work. In the past I would see or hear themes within industries but consistency of themes across industries was rare. Today I'm noticing commonalities.

Leading in Step with Nature

What today’s leaders are faced with in leading their organisations through our current unpredictable, uncertain, pandemic impacted state requires elevated leadership capability, presence and mindset. However, it's still striking how ill-suited stock standard leadership principles, skills and theories are to meet today’s leadership challenges.

Evolving leadership

As we see so much unprecedented change on our planet we are faced with imagining new futures for ourselves, our families, our communities and society as a whole.

Be ready to embrace the magic of Hybrid Working

The work from home genie is out of the bottle thanks to COVID and lockdowns. But how do you embrace the magic of hybrid working and make it right for your business?

Not all endings need to be sad

The feelings associated with a poorly managed exit can create trauma for those who leave and for those who stay.

Blind spots in executive coaching

Recently at the end of a coaching session with a senior executive, I did a check in on how he was finding the coaching program. What he said next stuck in my head.

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