Some helpful questions opened up at the Thriving Workplace Conference where it became apparent that the workplace wellness movement is now moving beyond physical health with corporate marathons, flu jabs and fit bits and into the realms of emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

  • Could workplaces striving to raise the wellness of their people form a critical tipping point to removing the stigma connected with mental illness? 1 in 10 adults in the US are taking antidepressants but how many would openly admit that at work? Could we make it just as Ok to call in with anxiety as it is to call in with the flu? And what would this do to the escalating rates of male suicide?
  • Is it a courageous thing to design your work day in such a way to increase your energy levels and thereby your productivity or is it just good business?
  • Is the glorification of busyness coming to an end perhaps to be replaced by the quiet calm of effectiveness?
  • Is it enough to focus on the wellbeing of the organization and its people and still neglect the wellbeing of the planet we inhabit?

Great input when planning to raise wellness in your workplace.

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