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Course Overview

‘The Transformational Coaching program provided me with learnings on many of the latest techniques that will serve to improve my effectiveness – thanks Vanessa and team at Leading Well for a fantastic immersive experience.’

This course is designed for leaders and coaches in organisations to enhance their approach and deepen their awareness of coaching within a complex human system.  We will explore transformational coaching methods  to uplift performance drawing on the latest research globally on motivating people to be their best.

The capabilities covered in the course will prepare you to support individual leaders and teams to see into their blind spots and make empowered choices for change. We will incorporate some systemic coaching principles for understanding common limiting patterns of behaviour in professional life, as well as the keys to supporting healthy dynamics within teams and organizations.

Vanessa Fudge
Facilitator – Vanessa Fudge
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Core Topics & Agenda
  • Leading and coaching not just the whole person but the whole system.
  • Creating containment for courageous conversations with respectful boundaries.
  • Honing your presence as a coach to detect the hidden dialogue in the person and the team.
  • Identifying your subconscious drivers and how they influence your comminication style.
  • Holding challenging conversations to address limiting beliefs, remove judgements and habitual patterns of behavior.
  • Applying systemic principles for healthy team dynamics to coaching and leading in organisations.
  • Resolving conflict and team dynamics at the level of source and not the level of the symptoms.

Monday 9th April

Exploring different roles as an agent of change
Coaching framework unpacked
Tapping into my leading principles as a coach
Coaching from the head, the heart and the gut – process and insights
Creating containment in coaching dialogue
Layers of goals
Demonstration and practice
Comparing dialogue to experience in generating insight
Creating your personal vision on a page

Tuesday 10th April

Systemic principles for healthy teams

  • Belonging
  • Give/ take
  • Orders
  • Acknowleding what is so
  • Purpose

Discerning personal from systemic issues
Family patterns in professional success – noticing entanglements
The obvious versus the hidden organisational system
Removing Judgement – dialogue versus experiential approaches
Shifting focus from reactive tendencies to creative qualities

Wednesday 11th April

Creating order out of chaos in human systems
What is empowerment?
Harnessing resources and recognising obstacles
Self Care – 3 core dimensions
Personal Purpose and setting your intention
Team purpose as an enabler for growth
Befriending the Ego
Identifying career strengths and focus areas for opportunity
Testing your connection and your proposition to your market
Creating attraction for new opportunites to flow

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