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Course Overview

This course is designed for leaders and coaches in organisations to enhance their approach and deepen their awareness of coaching within a complex human system.  We will explore transformational coaching methods  to uplift performance drawing on the latest research globally on motivating people to be their best.

The capabilities covered in the course will prepare you to support individual leaders and teams to see into their blind spots and make empowered choices for change. We will incorporate some systemic coaching principles for understanding common limiting patterns of behaviour in professional life, as well as the keys to supporting healthy dynamics within teams and organizations.

Vanessa Fudge
Facilitator – Vanessa Fudge
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Core Topics & Agenda
  • Creating safe containment and permission for deeper coaching conversations
  • Self understanding to balance my style as a coach
  • Honing the act of presencing
  • Facilitating self-reflection by creating space in the conversation
  • When to use frameworks to increase insight and highlight options and when to abandon frameworks altogether!
  • Ensuring action flows from insight after the potency of the coaching moment has passed
  • Adapting the coaching process to team coaching scenarios
  • Coaching the whole person – head, heart and gut
  • Identifying my values and belief patterns that are likely to influence the coaching process
  • Challenging conversations to address limiting beliefs, remove judgements and habitual patterns of behaviour
  • Applying systemic principles for healthy team dynamics to your coaching work in organisations
  • Identifying your own leading principles and helping others to access theirs also
  • Demonstrating how your own coaching approach will evolve through reflection and feedback gathering for ongoing evaluation and improvement

Monday 9th October

Introduction to transformational coaching

  • Creating safe containment
  • The intersection of authority and containment for leaders and coaches
  • Moving from consultant to coach and back again

Honing the Coaching Dialogue

  • Unpacking a coaching framework
  • Drawing out the real agenda using advanced questioning techniques
  • The latest neuroscience on left versus right brained orientation
  • Accessing your 3 brained intelligence – head, heart and gut

Raising Self-awareness

  • Self awareness of my unique coaching style
  • Reflection on your leading principles as a coach and a leader
  • Creating meaningful reflection and shifting dialogue from secondary to primary emotion

Team Coaching Process

  • Supporting a balance of voices and agendas in the one strategic decision

The Organisation as a Living System

  • Systemic principles for peak performing teams

Tuesday 10th October

Deepening the Dialogue

  • Somatic sensing for increased awareness
  • Coaching process to draw out leading principles
  • Moving from a reactive to a creative mindset
  • Creating safety to face hidden fears and self-limiting beliefs
  • Uncovering purpose – professionally and personally

Coach as Mediator

  • Removing judgement to enable clarity of understanding
  • Building bridges through mediation
  • Mediation through dialogue versus a systemic approach


Wednesday 11th October

Hidden drivers of Professional Success

  • Family patterns that influence professional life
  • Exploring beliefs to realign personal power

Self-care as a coach

  • Identifying resources and obstacles to successful goal attainment
  • Reflective practice

Claiming Personal Power

  • From imposter syndrome to authentic leader – developing confidence through integrating your career journey
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