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Outplacement Services

For over 20 years, Leading Well has been providing career transition and outplacement services.

Leading with strength.

87% of buyers of “outplacement services” rank individual one-to-one coaching as the most important service they offer for workforce transition*​.
Individual Coaching is the foundation of Leading Well’s career transition coaching offering. ​ Our experienced team of executive, leadership and career coaches are experts in the inner and outer process that occurs when an individual reaches a crossroads and plans to re-engage with the workforce in their next career stage.

Whether you are moving people out of your organisation or redeploying your current workforce and managing careers internally, our transition services can cater for your requirements.

Three ingredients – three lifelines


According to research and client experience, the most important lifeline consists of one-to-one coaching, which focuses on the individual, their identity and aspirations.


Structured across the five key transition stages an employee will typically experience, our learning platform provides access to modules, tools and knowledge tailored to their needs.


A network of facilitated and / or self-driven support and networking and connection activities.

Our Approach
Leading Well’s Transition Coaching and Outplacement services leverage the clarity and focus of individual coaching support with a Leading Well leadership coach with a state-of-the-art learning platform to enable a successful transition that is tailored to each person’s specific needs. The three core components of our program are:

1. Individual Coaching

At the heart of our offering is our team of highly experienced Executive and Career coaches who understand the challenges and opportunities that leaders face, whether in a current role or having stepped out temporarily or permanently.

Our coaching approach is signified by:

Humanistic with a focus on wellbeing
A holistic, systemic approach
Careful selection and matching of coaches with candidates
Integration between three lifelines of identity, learning and connection
Personalised and tailored to individual needs

2. Learning Modules & Support Services

Our learning modules and support services are structured along the five stages that we typically move through during a transition. We provide the option of engaging in our full suite of transition learning modules for the more technical dimensions of transition such as resume writing and digital profile building to complement the coaching support.
Structured learning, relevancy and delivery format of tools and techniques is discussed during individual coaching sessions

1. Assessment

Gaining clarity to build a foundation for wellbeing and vitality

2. Discovery

Exploring who you are, what you are capable of, what the market has to offer, where you want to go and how to harvest your career experience

3. Engagement

Identifying your intention, engaging your network and developing your personal value proposition

4. Application

Manifesting your aspirations, optimising your impact during the interview process, selecting and negotiation of the right role
5. Launch
Setting yourself up for success, 100-day plan and creating belonging
3. Networking & Connection
Connection is enabled through a facilitated self-directed process that reflects personal preferences. Recognising the networks of the person, a focus is placed on community and connectivity which is enabled through:
Reflection on personal and professional networks
Identification of positive energy connections as potential career advocates
Mapping of relevant activities, in line with the leader’s transition stage
Impetus and support in preparation for stakeholder engagement
invitation to Leading Well public workshops on leadership and wellbeing topics
Iterative feedback loops with key advocates and sponsors
Leading Well frequently runs public networking and education events and workshops that leaders attend, enabling interaction with like-minded peers.
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