Webinar: What does it mean to LeadWell?

Webinar: What does it mean to LeadWell? 2017-11-10T01:37:31+00:00

Leaders today are asked to do more and more while maintaining composure and presence in the face of complex challenges. In this webinar we will unlock some steps to stay connected as a leader with the demands of the role while not compromising your own wellbeing.

The three areas we will unlock are:

  • Commercial know-how and what strategic questions to ask to ensure you are connected with the direction your company is seeking to take
  • People dynamics and what to look out for when asked to lead through conflict
  • Vitality and wellbeing and how to ensure your own balance is not thrown out the window when faced with sudden demands

You will walk away with

  • A strategic lens to ensure you can lead in alignment with your organisation’s strategic direction
  • Some new questions to ask before jumping in to resolve conflict in the workplace
  • Some keys to refresh your own energy so that you can then do the same for your team
Facilitator – David Fudge
Facilitator – Dominique Beck
Facilitator – Danielle Attorre
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