This year my son has started high school.  To my alarm a friend of his was recently suspended for 5 days. Why? For having his close friend in a headlock. 

It would be alarming except they always do that. If you can picture bears rumbling on the ground then you will picture these 12 year old boys both from large all-boy families. There is one problem. While it was not promoted in primary school, teachers know it is a harmless rumble, yet in high school it constitutes violent behaviour. I am consoling myself with one thought – at least our education department is clear on its rules and intentions – violence is unacceptable and it will result in suspension.

In many workplaces bullying (often verbal) takes an equally prominent place in the minds of employees as physical violence takes for those in the school yard. The bully may be the organisation’s greatest revenue generator or their serial low performer. Is the treatment equal? Hmmm……

While each employee will have their own set of moral guidelines and values there is a whole other level of collective behaviour that determines what belongs and what does not belong in your culture. It will not be set by words necessarily but by the experiences that are endorsed by the managers and leaders of your organization.

In a culture audit we help you unpick these obvious and not so obvious belonging rules. Inevitably there are some surprises and also opportunities to move from being a passenger to an architect of the collective mindset that is your culture. In other words, your culture is set with or without intention – you get to choose.

Cracking the performance code of your organisation.

Leading Well is excited to present a Thriving Culture taster session on our unique approach to Culture and Performance.

Our next session is on 9 May 2019, presented by Vanessa Fudge from Leading Well.

We’ve spent years decoding engagement results and developing culture action plans and as we all know, ‘being’ speaks louder than ‘doing’ and ‘doing’ is way in front of ‘talking’. We’ll share some of our insights about the critical connections between leadership ‘being’, culture and performance.

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