Often we work and meet without being aware of important elements that are hidden from view or that we are not seeing or hearing.

Hidden elements can be strong undercurrents that detract from what we intend or how those around us perform, without us knowing about them. Their effects can be far-reaching and influence our well-being and our performance.

Requirements to work differently e.g. connecting through videoconferencing, telephone calls rather than face to face meetings can allow the invisible to be visible, the unspoken to be heard, the unfelt to be felt.

What elements are you observing that have been hidden?

Some up-lifting elements that we have observed:

• The generosity of the human spirit to help others in need
• The depth of knowledge and awareness of those in teams
• The contributions of all individuals in teams given the opportunity to have voice
• The space given to us that allows us to stop, breathe and reflect
• Hearing the feeling behind spoken words
• A sense of strong human connectedness without being in the same physical room

Take the opportunity that our new ways of meeting, connecting those in physical distance from ourselves, can uncover the previously hidden.

– by Tim Dyke