Have you ever set out on a trip, believing you have everything you need, only to get down the road and realise you have left something important at home, raced back, started again and then realised you had left something ELSE behind?

Well then, you might understand why leadership programs often fail to deliver on their promise of upgrading how your organisation operates.

Perhaps you have gone with structured modules, quite taken with titles such as “leader as coach”, “building high performing teams”, “goal setting” or “leading with vision and purpose”. Leaders and managers who attend initially come out bright and fresh with new ideas, the language starts to change but by the time next years’ budget planning has come around the same silo’d behaviours and vying for resources is back in full force.

What do you do? You hop back in the car and turn to grab those missing pieces.

Then perhaps you have gone one step further.

You have made a highly intentional start to said program modules and the team has vetted all topics collectively and aligned their input to their personal development plans. Even better, you have already identified the core task of your own leadership collective and their key start and stop behaviours, you have sourced modules that speak directly to these needs and you have an aligned plan with decent commitment to change. Great foresight, yet the team discover that some are more on-boarded than others and unexpected resentment arises as the more personally vulnerable participants begin to sense a lack of trust in those who play from a safe distance.

Uh oh, we have forgotten any measurements to track commitment to implementing and embedding change. Back in the car to grab some decent team and individual diagnostics, oh and while we race back in the door how about some individual coaching to ensure that each participant is supported to take reflection to a deeper level with the necessary confidentiality and containment to try their new leadership legs before they run forward.

At Leading Well we have redesigned the way we do leadership. In reality we had to race back home so many times we completely changed the way we approach packing, not to create baggage but to avoid glaring gaps. Integrating world class leadership and wellbeing diagnostics plus the right balance of team and individual coaching, well proven leadership modules packed into a highly intentional framework for personal, team and organisational change we are on the road to a systemic approach for leadership excellence.

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